Farm Boy Series - Tomatoes

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Tomatoes is the first book in the Farm Boy Book Series. Written by Cindy Palumbo and illustrated by Ryan Brady, Farm Boy Tomatoes is the perfect children's book about the adventures of Dominick as he learns about sustainable farming and so much more. Below is an excerpt from the book.

"It’s spring on the farm, and it’s time to plant tomatoes— especially if the family wants to enjoy them this summer. Dominick needs to help his mom plant the seedlings, but he is bored and he’s certain he doesn’t like the taste of tomatoes. But his mom says he will like these tomatoes because he has done the work and grown them himself. Throughout the coming months, Dominick visits the garden and watches the plants grow. He pulls the weeds, takes the worms off the plants, and makes sure the tomatoes have enough water. Dominick grows impatient; the tomatoes are taking too long. After months of looking after the garden, Dominick arrives at the garden to see big, beautiful, bright red tomatoes hanging all over the plants he has so carefully tended during the summer. He remembers all of his hard work, and he is proud."