Nicholas Palumbo - Winemaker

Nick Palumbo

For Nicholas Palumbo, a grape grower and winemaker who is both an artist and a cultivator, it is all about the wine. Not only does he grow the grapes and make the wine, he lives it. The vineyard has become a large part of his family and he is proud to share it through his wines.

With Sicilian ancestry on one side and Illinois farming on the other, Nicholas was genetically programmed and destined to be a vintner. As a child he worked alongside his mother in the family garden and was the official "pot stirrer" in the kitchen. He started his career as a self-taught musician and as a recording artist traveled the world.

But it was living in the “new-bohemian” atmosphere of Williamsburg, Brooklyn that influenced Nick to explore the world of culinary arts. His interest quickly grew and a love affair with a profession in food and wine began. Reaching back to his roots, he signed up for culinary courses at the New School for Culinary Arts and gained valuable experience working in top restaurants in the NYC area. An avid reader and quick study, Palumbo immersed himself in the culinary and wine world.

In 1997 Nick moved from New York back to San Diego and began working as a chef. He was on a drive to the local mountains when he came across the Temecula Valley and started exploring the opportunities a vineyard had to offer. In 1998 he purchased 7 planted acres and a home and he and his family began living their dream. Palumbo knew from his mentors that the valley had tremendous potential but he also knew that it would take more than potential to make great wines that would be respected. So in the beginning Nick began growing grapes for other wineries while absorbing what the founders of the valley had to offer in ways of experience and "lesson’s learned". He took several concentrated courses at respected university programs such as UC Davis and worked diligently with his mentors, all leading Viticulturist and Oenologist in the world of wine. He soon purchased another 5 acres and embarked on small lot, limited production winemaking from the grapes he farmed.


Palumbo believes there are only two basic ingredients in making fine wines, the fruit itself and the barrels it ages in. He insists on producing only what he grows himself and is meticulous in his planting, pruning, and picking. In order to achieve maximum quality he keeps his yields low and picks fruit at the peak of ripeness. Living on property provides constant interaction with the vines; this combined with a keen sense of intuition allows Palumbo the ability to adjust variables based on his goals. Nick respects his land and as a proud member of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance practices sustainable farming.

These days, Nick is focused on combining his expanding knowledge with the latest trends and technology in the world of wine to produce complex wines with depth of character and lasting elegance. Specializing in full-bodied reds, he is a true artisan with a "no compromise" approach to farming and winemaking.

Simple Concept. Complex Wines