Certified California Sustainable Vineyard and Winery

Palumbo Family Vineyards and Winery is a Certified California Sustainable Vineyard & Winery

Our winegrowing practices involve the California Sustainable Winegrowing Program(CSWP), which discusses the best practices for maintaining soil and vine health and proactively farming to reduce and treat pest pressures. We actively participate in CSWP workshops that help self-monitor and implement best practices and sustainability. Through our sustainable farming, we have complemented the biodiversity of our vineyard by promoting the presence of beneficial insects, soil fauna, owls and hawks that combat pests of grapevines. We also raise various types of livestock that help put back important elements that are depleted. Through these methods, we are continually closing the “circle” of depletion and input on our farm.

We are proud to be members of the Santa Margerita Watershed monitoring program. In conjunction with our neighbors and local, state, and federal agencies, we work diligently to promote the overall health of the Santa Margerita watershed so that the entire ecosystem remains in balance and is preserved for generations to come.

We recycle our grape and fermentation waste by fertilizing with composted grape pomace. In attempt to close the loop on our waste system in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint on the land we so love.

All of the corks we purchase come from sustainable cork forests and require the company to continue their leadership in the Quality Cork Council. We also use a logo die that fire brands our logo on our corks eliminating the need for ink branding. Additionally, we insist that the label and foil companies we do business with have environmentally friendly practices as well.

All of our buildings were re-conditioned from prior use and on all new construction, crews, vendors, and sub-contractors we hired were local residents, helping to cut down on transportation costs, as well as supporting the economy of our community.

The tasting bar was built using recycled wood from scraps found at a local guitar factory and much of the interior of the tasting room also used recycled materials and environmentally friendly products.

Our building was constructed with state of the art, winery specific cooling and the walls and ceiling was built with 2x8 framing or more helping with insulation and minimizing the need for excessive air conditioning needs. The roofing was completed with high heat reflective and long life materials further reducing cooling needs and well as eliminating the need for replacement.

Adcon weather station

Weather Station

We are connected via wireless to several weather monitoring stations throughout the Temecula Valley which helps with decision making. Knowing when and if there are certain conditions present we can minimize or even eliminate the need for applications in the vineyard. This helps with many factors including ETo, mildew pressure, temperature and rainfall. Also, within our own vineyard monitoring station we have installed soil moisture sensors which help us determine when and how much water is needed for irrigation if at all. Minimizing irrigation in the vineyard not only conserves precious water sources but also helps us grow higher quality grapes which in turn makes better wine!

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